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Fisheye was a member of the Amazon Trio. He was originally a fish at the Dead Moon Circus, but was given human form.


In the manga, Fisheye was sent by the Amazoness Quartet to target Ami Mizuno. He changed into his fish form so that she would buy him from the store, and once at her home he struck while she was feeling melancholy about her distant father. Fisheye attempted to seduce her, saying that she could find love with him, but Ami rebuffed him and he attacked her with Lemures. She managed to transform into Sailor Mercury and used Mercury Aqua Rhapsody to destroy the Lemures, and then when Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon arrived, the three of them destroyed Fisheye.


Fish eye

Fisheye as seen in the anime

In the anime, Fisheye was sent to find the Dream Mirror in which Pegasus was hiding, and preferred to target men in his search, much to the dismay of his companions Tiger's Eye and Hawk's Eye, who thought of him as weird. Fisheye was extremely feminine, and he almost always took on the guise of a woman when pursuing victims (the only exception was in episode 140). When disguised as a human woman on his missions, Fisheye seemed to enjoy participating in human activities such as ballet, modeling, and a beauty pageant (which he won, much to the annoyance of Tiger's Eye). On several occasions Fisheye's hobbies would cause him to forget about his current mission, and he was usually brought back to reality once he had been rejected by his target, at which point he would lash out at them.

Once he targeted Mamoru Chiba and attempted to steal him away from Usagi, but Mamoru rejected him because he did not have a beautiful dream like Usagi did. Fisheye was upset by this reminder that he was not truly human, and as he sulked in the park Usagi found him and brought him to her home. When Fisheye came into contact with Chibiusa he realized that she was the holder of the Golden Mirror, but even so did not capture her.

When the Amazon Trio decided to give up the power that made them human in order to rebuild Usagi's destroyed Dream Mirror, Fisheye reverted to his original form and died. Pegasus appeared then and restored the Trio, giving them their own Dream Mirrors so they could be truly human.


  • "Fisheye" could refer to a number of different gemstones, including ocean jasper, the mineral apophyllites, and moonstones, or to any gem that is poorly cut so that the center does not reflect light.
  • Uokawa (魚川), Fisheye's civilian surname from the anime, literally means "fish river," and the associated given name, Nanami (七海), means "seven seas." His civilian surname from the musicals, Uonome (魚の目), means "fish's eye," and the associated given name, Youko (洋子), means "child of the ocean." Since "uonome" can also refer to corns, Hawk's Eye and Tiger's Eye would use the name to tease him in the musicals.
  • In episode 147 of the anime, it was shown that Fisheye hated carrots.
  • Fisheye's gender was changed, much like Zoisite, in the English dub. The Brazilian, Portuguese, Spanish, Greek, and Mexican dubs were among the ones in which Fisheye remained a man.