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Hawk's Eye was a member of the Amazon Trio. He was originally a hawk at the Dead Moon Circus, but was given human form.


In the manga, Hawk's Eye was sent by the Amazoness Quartet to target Makoto Kino. He lured her and Chibiusa to his store, where he told them of his dreams to own many more stores, which prompted Makoto to tell him of her dream to own a flower and cake shop. He gave the two girls rings with Amazon Stones in them, which he said would make dreams come true. Mamoru took Chibiusa's ring away from her when she came by to visit him, but the next time Makoto went back to Hawk's Eye's shop, Lemures came pouring out of her ring and attacked her.

After the Senshi was overwhelmed by the attack, Hawk's Eye reverted to his original form and was joined by PallaPalla and VesVes. Makoto managed to awaken and transform into Sailor Jupiter and attacked the trio with Jupiter Oak Evolution, but the two members of the Amazoness Quartet disappeared and Hawk's Eye took the entirety of the blow and was destroyed.


Hawks eye

Hawk's Eye as seen in the anime

In the anime, Hawk's Eye was sent to find the Dream Mirror in which Pegasus was hiding, and preferred to target older women in his search. He could attack his enemies by spitting fire out of a torch.

When the Amazon Trio decided to give up the power that made them human in order to rebuild Usagi's destroyed Dream Mirror, Hawk's Eye reverted to his original form and died. Pegasus appeared then and restored the Trio, giving them their own Dream Mirrors so they could be truly human.


  • Hawk's Eye is a blue variant of the gemstone known as Tiger's Eye.