Kaleidomoon Scope was the weapon given to Sailor Moon by Pegasus. In the anime it was an upgraded version of the Spiral Heart Moon Rod, and in the manga Pegasus transformed two mundane kaleidoscopes. She used it to perform the Moon Gorgeous Meditationattack.

In the manga, Super Sailor Chibi Moon also had a smaller version of this weapon called the "Chibi Moon Kaleido Scope" (ちびムーンカレイド・スコープ), but she did not have one in the SuperS season. However, in the SuperS movie, she mysteriously acquired a smaller version of the weapon which materialized from thin air, and with that weapon she and Super Sailor Moon used Moon Gorgeous Meditation to defeat Queen Badiane.

In the anime, this rod was pink in color, whereas in the manga it was made of glass, rendering it clear and sparkly like a true kaleidoscope. It was the only weapon in the series whose material was actually known.

In the fifth season, it was upgraded to the Eternal Tiare.


The Kaleidomoon Scope as seen in the anime


The item was called the "Kaleidomoon Scope" in the anime, but in the manga it was called the "Moon Kaleido Scope" (ムーン・カレイド・スコープ).

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