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Kaolinite was a member of the Death Busters from the Sailor Moon S season of the anime and Infinity arc of the manga, and also appeared in some of the musicals.

She was the first main enemy to appear from that group, and was soon shown to hold an important position in the Death Buster organization. She was also (she hoped) closest to the heart of her boss, Professor Tomoe.


According to the manga, Kaolinite was one of the first persons affected by a Daimon egg. Several years before the beginning of the series, she was struck by lightning during a powerful thunderstorm, which embedded the Daimon within her as Pharaoh 90 arrived on Earth. This storm also caused the "accident" at Professor Tomoe's lab, at which time his wife was killed, his daughter severely wounded, and he himself became the host of Germatoid.

As the manga story progressed, she was shown to be the Magus of the Death Busters, as well as the principal of Mugen Gakuen, and Tomoe's primary partner in creating Daimons. She directed the Witches 5, the most perfect Daimons, on their missions to revive Pharaoh 90 and the Taioron Crystal. She also gave them information about the Sailor Senshi, which Kaolinite received via a special water mirror outside the Taioron Temple, as well as from Pharaoh 90 himself.

As Tomoe's assistant and Magus, Kaolinite was given special privileges that none of the other Death Busters had. She could communicate with Pharaoh 90, use a fragment of the Taioron Crystal, summon Daimons to aid the Witches 5, and with her water mirror could detect new threats or predict future events. She had access to the Mugen labs both on campus and at Tomoe's personal research facility, and she also spied on Hotaru for the Professor.

When Mistress 9 revived, a jealous Kaolinite was placed in charge of destroying the Sailor Senshi once and for all. Kaolinite showed herself to have a great deal of power as she revived the Witches 5, placed a spell on the five Inner Senshi through voodoo, and warped the time-space continuum inside Mugen to transform it into a labyrinth of empty rooms in order to trap the Senshi. Though she managed to capture four of them, she was unable to trick Sailor Moon, and the Outer Senshi helped to free her captives.

Kaolinite's life ended when she was confronted by all nine Senshi in the principal's office. She turned into her Daimon form in order to try and kill the Senshi, but was destroyed by Super Sailor Moon.



Kaolinite as seen in the anime

In the anime, Kaolinite's most striking feature was her bust and the accompanying lack of clothing to cover it - her general attire was nothing more than a sleeveless red labcoat. She nevertheless held an important role in the Sailor Moon S season, as the second in command of the Death Busters, as well as potential lover of the Professor. She was primarily responsible with gathering the three Pure Heart Crystals that held the talismans, though later, her role in the Death Busters became more defined and complex as the dynamics of the organization became clearer.

Kaolinite was also the only enemy character in the anime to have been brought back from the dead. Hence, she had two incarnations: her first, original incarnation, and her second, "Kaori" incarnation.

First IncarnationEdit

In her first incarnation, Kaolinite was charged only with finding the three talismans. Kaolinite would use her senses to select a victim and would target them very carefully, then would take a Daimon Egg provided by Professor Tomoe and fuse it with an item that her intended victim enjoyed. When the victim later touched the object, the egg would mature into a Daimon, then would extract the Pure Heart Crystal slowly and painfully, usually with Kaolinite watching the process. If the Sailor Senshi intervened, she would sometimes leave or sometimes stay and fight using various powers. Among these powers were the ability to blast people with energy or to use her hair to choke them.

Despite the purity of her victims and the effectiveness of her attacks, Kaolinite did not find the talismans. Nor was she able to defeat the Sailor Senshi, though several times she came close to doing this - sometimes playing on the increasing tensions between the four Inner Senshi and Sailor Moon, and Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune. In fact, of the eight Senshi known during her tenure, she unknowingly extracted the crystals of Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Jupiter; she also extracted Sailor Moon's crystal twice, during which she learned the Senshi's true identity.

It was during the second extraction of Sailor Moon's heart crystal that Kaolinite eventually met her death. After she gained and subsequently lost the heart crystal before she could examine it, Kaolinite learned who Sailor Moon was and blackmailed Usagi into meeting her at Tokyo Tower and giving herself up in exchange for the life of Tuxedo Mask. Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune, who drove Usagi to the tower, were the first to challenge Kaolinite, followed by the Inner Senshi, who attempted to trick Kaolinite and her Daimon with "Sailor Venus Moon": Venus disguised as Sailor Moon in order to save their leader.

In the end, the girls were all forced to confront Kaolinite and her Daimon's sword, which threw shards of glass that would crystallize her targets. Combining their powers, Sailor Moon and the Inner Senshi managed to weaken her with Sailor Planet Attack, and Sailor Uranus' World Shaking reflected her attack back at her, encasing her in glass. Afterwards, parts of the building collapsed on her, and she was thrown off the side to Tokyo Tower and to her death.

After the Senshi left, though, Kaolinite's body was reanimated and transferred back to Professor Tomoe, to begin its second life.

Second IncarnationEdit

"Kaori," as Kaolinite was then known, reappeared after Eudial's death to a shocked Usagi and Chibiusa in episode 113. Her memories of being a Death Buster were initially either gone or suppressed, though either way she eventually remembered her mission to the Professor. Her previous powers were also apparently nonexistant.

During this incarnation it was revealed that Kaolinite, who was then acting as the caretaker and maid of the Tomoe household, had previously been with the Professor as his secretary for at least ten years prior. She had always had an intense dislike of Hotaru, even from the time Hotaru was a toddler, mainly because Hotaru took the Professor's attention away from her.

She was most likely the first person after Hotaru and the Professor to be implanted with the evil power of the Death Busters, and may have done this out of love for the Professor. One thing that dictated many of her thoughts and feelings was her unrequited crush on Professor Tomoe, and it became obvious that she was more than willing to do whatever it took to get him to acknowledge her in return.

As a result, the Witches 5 (Tomoe's other helpers) disliked Kaolinite. For example, Eudial reveled in the fact that she was dead the first time,Viluy mocked her openly as dead weight to the cause, and Cyprine decided to replace Kaolinite in the Professor's attentions. There was some justification for this as, when a Witch appeared to talk to the Professor, Kaolinite was sometimes seen alongside the Professor, serving him tea or massaging him instead of searching for heart crystals.

This did not diminish the fact that the Professor needed "Kaori" at his side. On top of being Hotaru's caretaker, Kaolinite was still the most reliable warrior Tomoe had in finding heart crystals to feed to and revive the Messiah of Silence. This led to her to be re-powered in episode 121 in order to re-take Hotaru after she had escaped Mugen Gakuen. This time in Death Buster form, she took to wearing the black dress which she would wear as the Magus in the manga.

Finally, Kaolinite became desperate to keep the Professor's attention on herself, and she finally decided to take the initiative in episode 123 by kidnapping Chibiusa for her heart crystal. Chibiusa's heart crystal was then fed to Hotaru during a revival ceremony, and Hotaru was transformed by its power into Mistress 9. For this, Kaolinite finally received some of the recognition she desired from the Professor, which seemed a stepping stone to her finally becoming the Professor's lover.

As she expressed her own thanks, however, she was rewarded with a blast of lightning from Mistress 9 which sent her into the deadly electrocution field that was first used to repel the Sailor Senshi from the revival ceremony. This was the permanent end of Kaolinite, for, as Mistress 9 said, "she is no longer needed."


  • Kaolinite is named for a mineral of the same name, which is found in clay often used for ceramics.
  • She was the only villain who died twice in the anime.
  • According to the now-defunct Sailor Moon Channel mailbox, Kaolinite's approximate age was 28.
  • In the French dub of the anime, Kaolinite was called "Carolina," while Kaori became "Carole."
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