Makoto in the Anime

Makoto Kino was the present-day incarnation of Sailor Jupiter, and appeared in all versions of the Sailor Moon serie


Makoto bounced from school to school, often having to leave because she was getting into fights. Even after she transferred to Juuban Municipal Junior High School, she still wore the uniform from her previous school while a student there, as she was unusually tall and they did not have her size available at the time. As with the other Sailor Senshi, her loyalty to Sailor Moon never faltered.

Her personality was similar in all versions of the series, though she was a bit more tomboyish and less boy-crazy in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon than in the anime or manga



In the anime Makoto lived with a Sailor Senshi,who is not quite been found out,her family died in a car crash just like Mamoru Chiba, As stated in episode 91.The anime never stated explicitly whether they were alive or dead, but no family members were ever mentioned.And in episode 91 as well she said that she was living alone.The same episode (episode 91) in the English Dub,however, mentioned her (still living) mother.


According to the manga, her parents were deceased, which was also true in the live-action series; in the manga they had died in a plane crash.

Mokoto in the manga


Makoto enjoyed footbal and basketball as seen in the anime and live action series

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