Mimete was the second of the Witches 5 to appear in Sailor Moon S and the Infinity arc. Her powers were charm-based. In all versions of the Sailor Moon series, Mimete had some sort of rivalry with Minako Aino.


In the manga, Mimete, as Mimi Hanyuu, was a famous idol who appeared in commercial and on television. She was also the entertainment instructor at Mugen Gakuen.

She was ranked the lowest at Level 40, and was also the weakest and required the assistance of Kaolinite in order to attack the Sailor Senshi. Sailor Uranus eventually defeated her.


  • Charm Buster - Mimete's primary attack in the manga.



Mimete as seen in the anime

In the anime, from Mimete's first appearance she was both disdainful of and cruel to Eudial, and she did everything she could to sabotage her superior's efforts. Though this was at first limited to minor pranks, such as putting snails in Eudial's locker, she eventually removed the brakes from Eudial's station wagon, which caused her to drive off a cliff into the ocean. With the senior Witch out of the way, Mimete took over the operation, though she was decidedly less efficient than her predecessor: she was shown sleeping through meetings and paying more attention to current celebrities than her work. Often Mimete would struggle to find a target and pick whoever at the time was her favorite celebrity. Mimete used a Daimon meant to retrieve Pure Heart Crystals like cormorants, which meant the Daimons kissed the target to suck out the Crystal.

Mimete first encountered the Sailor Senshi in Juuban Natural Park when she attacked Yosaku Eda with the Daimon U-Estern. After Sailor Moon defeated the Daimon, Mimete cried and ran off into the sunset. She next targeted Ukon Katakuri, a manga artist she currently liked, though not before attempting to get his autograph.

Her next target was Jinta Araki, an idol who both Mimete and Minako admired. The two of them entered an idol audition to play a role in his new movie and both managed to pass into the final five, which made Mimete seriously consider quitting villainy in favor of an idol career. When she ended up losing the competition the humiliated Mimete released U-Tahime after her idol and attempted to steal his Heart Crystal; for the first time she did not try to run, but chose to battle alongside her Daimon, even though she lost to Sailor Venus and Sailor Moon.

Mimete was later consoled by Professor Tomoe, which made her resolve to work harder. The resolve did not last long, however; she failed again in her attack on Yuu Kazama, and Professor Tomoe then tried to help by selecting a target for her. Mimete found herself conflicted between her duty and attacking Mamoru, who happened to be nearby and who was more attractive to her than her actual target. After that plan failed she decided to target another celebrity.

Blaming her failures on the Daimons she was given to use, Mimete kicked Professor Tomoe out of the lab and nearly overloaded the Daimon oven with a large variety of games. The resulting Daimon, U-Ikasaman, created a dimensional rift and engulfed the lab and house above, and Mimete fled before she could be caught.

Mimete's final appearance was in episode 120, where she discovered she was to be replaced by Tellu. In an effort to save her job (and life) Mimete quickly went out to attack the target of the day. She brought with her Eudial's abandoned invention, the Witches Electric Warp, which she connected to a giant TV screen. While she was inside of the machine, however, Tellu pulled the plug, and Mimete was "shut off" forever.

While in civilian dress, Mimete wore round glasses, similar to Gurio Umino's but without the swirly design.


  • Charm Buster - An attack which sent star shaped sound waves toward the target.


  • The Materials Collection described Mimete as an idol with a "bimbo voice."
  • Mimete is named for the mineral mimetite, which is often enough mistaken for another mineral that its name is derived from a Greek word meaning "imitator."
  • Although she had a high-pitched voice in the Japanese version, she was given a voice like an old woman in the Brazilian dub.