Taiki Kou

Taiki Kou one of the members in the Three Lights,a fake band to find Princess Kakyuu


Kou Taiki (大気 光 Taiki Kō) is the most intellectual. His abilities rival that of Ami Mizuno (see below), though s/he considers her romantic notions foolish. In the anime, Ami's appeal for him to see the good in dreaming does begin to have an effect, however. In combat with a phage, Star Maker is the first of the Starlights to willingly allow Sailor Moon to heal the monster rather than trying to kill it herself. She spares the monster only because it had been a teacher who Ami respected. Later in the series, as he is beginning to lose hope in finding Princess Kakyuu, he visits a sick girl in the hospital. She shows him a drawing of the Princess that she sees when she listens to the Three Lights' song With renewed hope, Taiki returns to the Three Lights. In the anime, he sometimes wears glasses.

Like Yaten, Taiki believes that Seiya should stay away from Usagi after learning she is Sailor Moon, despite their wish, shared by Princess Kakyuu and the Guardian Senshi, for them all to work together. However, his views on Usagi change for the better near the end of Sailor Stars.He seems to be the most cool headed of the trio.

Taiki's responsibilities in the band are background vocals, keyboards, lyrics, and guitar.He also enjoys poetry and belongs to the Literary club at school. Taiki is meant to be more distant than Setsuna.