Tiger's Eye was a member of the Amazon Trio. He was originally a tiger at the Dead Moon Circus, but was given human form.


In the manga, Tiger's Eye was sent by the Amazoness Quartet to target Rei Hino. He trapped her within a house of mirrors and tried to use illusions on her, but Rei saw through it and banished him with an ofuda. PallaPalla sent him back to destroy the weakened Senshi, but he was held off by Phobos and Deimos long enough for Rei to transform into Sailor Mars and destroy him with Mars Flame Sniper.


Tigers eye

Tiger's Eye as seen in the anime

In the anime, Tiger's Eye was sent to find the Dream Mirror in which Pegasus was hiding, and preferred to target younger women in his search. His primary weapon was a whip.

When the Amazon Trio decided to give up the power that made them human in order to rebuild Usagi's destroyed Dream Mirror, Tiger's Eye reverted to his original form and died. Pegasus appeared then and restored the Trio, giving them their own Dream Mirrors so they could be truly human.


  • Tiger's Eye is a variety of quartz, usually golden brown with stripes of lighter color across it.
  • In the anime, Tiger's Eye referred to all his Lemures with the suffix "-chan," which is an honorific often used to show affection or to address a younger girl.