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Usagi/Serena in the manga


Usagi tsukino in the anime


Usagi is a rash crybaby and clumsy. And she was a little bit selfish and a unachiver. She is also a terrible cook and could be jealous of Mamoru as shown in episode 136. However, it is shown that she loves her family deeply.

She was very very trusting and belived everyone had a good nature;this means she is a very kind character. She doesnt belive that killing innocant people turn into horrifing monsters so she finds a way to heal them.

Over the course of the series, Usagi had a great deal, even though she has childish behavior and has a bout of silliness she became a capeble young woman.


Usagi lives in the state of Azabu-Juuban in Tokyo. Her mother Ikuko Tsukino, was a housewife.She had a very good relationship with Usagi but was disappointed with Usagi poor grades.

Her father Kenji Tsukino was a magazine editor who still calls Usagi little girl and was horrified when he knew Usagi was dating!

Usagi was the only Senshi to have a sibling, and she and her younger brother Shingo had a typical brother-to-sister-relationship:caring but life with sibling rivalry Shingo would often side with Chibiusa in arguments with Usagi.

Chibiusa is Mamoru and Usagi's daughter from the future.In the future Chibiusa respected and adored her mother,but in the twentith century,she and Usagi were more of squabbling sisters than mother and daughter.Usagi also met her past-life mum Queen Serenity,or at least in her spirit and loved her dearly; they did not have a strong relationship, though, as she was mostly confined to within Usagi's subconscious mind (in the anime) or the Moon Palace computer (in the manga)

In the story Parallel Sailor Moon she had a younger daughter Kousagi.


Usagi in PGSM

Pretty Guardian Sailor MoonEdit

Usagi Tsukino was an ordinary teenage girl until she encountered a talking plush cat named Luna and discovered she was a Sailor Senshi.