FANDOM as a responsible admin should, I have been checking all the RP pages for activity. And there is nothing ('cept one comment from Usagi/Usagi). So either no one WANTS to roleplay on the new pages (i.e. Azabu Juuban High School etc.) or everyone is confused about how to do it. Either way, I'll show you how and make a real page out of it later.

  • Add a page to the Wiki, make it a blank page and name it Template:YOURCHARACTERRoleplay
  • Replace YOURCHARACTER with your OC's name (ex. AvaRoleplay)
  • Into that page, copy-paste the following code:

  • Replace NAMEOFFILE with the name of your OC's picture. (ex. usagi manga.jpg)
  • Replace COLOURFORTOPHALF with the color you would like the top half of your bubble to be. (ex. mediumvioletred)
  • Replace ROLEPLAYCONTENT with what you would like your character to be saying or doing.
  • Replace COLOURFORBOTTOMHALF with the color you would like the bottom half of your bubble to be.
  • Replace COLOURFORLINE with the color you would like the line in the center of your bubble to be.

It should come out looking like this:

Usagi manga
Hi guys! Its me Usagi!

Here are some of my tips for roleplaying:

I would make my top half and bottom half color the same and the line color different. It looks nice that way. :)

Also, I wouldn't exceed 2-4 paragraphs per roleplay bubble unless it was absolutely neccessary.

When two people are roleplaying and you want to join, this is what you would say:

OOC: Mind if I join this RP?

If the people say yes, go for it! If they say no...sorry. But don't get upset! It might be something special they're acting out!

And don't reply rudely! If someone would like to join your RP, this is what you'd say:

OOC: Sorry, we're doing something special right now. We'll let you know for later on!

Here's a better example of roleplay:

Usagi manga
Usagi sat down,next to Ami and started talking.

There you have it! Let me know if you have any questions!